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Hi! I'm Jameson, a producer and songwriter based in Nashville. I grew up in Seattle area and started learning music production when I was 12. I had started playing guitar and wanted the ability to start recording my ideas and turn them into songs. Thus, my music production journey begun.


I had the ability to join an Audio Engineering class in high school which led me to pursuing Audio Engineering and Production in College. I attended Northwest University and graduated with my BA in Audio Engineering and Production. 

Over the years I've been able to work on numerous projects ranging from music artists (including myself), freelance corporate music production and sound design, royalty-free background music for videos, video game music, and short film scores. 

The music I've worked on has been used in hundreds of corporate videos worldwide, award winning short films, and has been streamed over .5 million times. 

Want to check out some of my work? Use these links:

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